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1. Genuine Gold Leaf 6. Imitation Gold Leaf, Aluminium Leaf
2. Reeled Gold Leaf 7. Size (Mixtion), Clay - Bole (Poliment), Chalk, Glue
3. Powder Gold, Powder Silver 8. Various Gilding Materials
4. Shell Gold, Shell Silver, Painter's Gold 9. Agate Burnishers
5. Silver Leaf

1. Genuine Gold Leaf

Our standard gold leaf size is 80 x 80 mm, but all other square leaf sizes between 45 x 45 mm and 95 x 95 mm are likewise possible.

The carat number defines the purity of the gold leaf. 24 carats indicates that the leaf is 100 % gold. It follows, therefore, that 12-carat gold leaf contains 50 % gold, the remainder, in this particular case, being silver.

Gold leaf is often alloyed with silver and copper to give the gold gloss a specific tone. Silver brightens the tone, while copper gives gold a reddish hue. The tone of some of our gold grades is indicated by their name (e.g. White Gold).

Since gold leaf of almost translucent thinness is less than ‘featherlight’, outdoor gilding is almost impossible because even the slightest breath of air would blow the gold leaf away. To overcome this problem gold leaf, known as Transfer Gold (Patent Gold), is interleaved with special tissue paper by a pressure process. A book of patent gold leaf is assembled by interleaving each gold leaf with tissue paper and placing these between sheets of thin rough paper. The gilder can then remove the tissue paper with the gold leaf without having to use a guilder’s tip. The gold leaf can then be pressed down onto the glued surface without disturbing the remaining leaves. The gold leaf remains on the tissue until it is pressed onto the glued surface, after which the interleaved tissue paper is removed. 

Loose Gold   -   Click to view a larger resolution image Loose Gold

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Transfer Gold (Patent Gold)   -   Click to view a larger resolution image Transfer Gold (Patent Gold)

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Genuine Gold Leaf Range
100110 White - Gold 12 carat, silver-like gloss
100112 Pale - Gold 16.7 carat, greenish hue
100114 Lemon - Gold 18 carat, yellowish hue
100150 Orange - Double-Gold 22 carat, bright hue, mainly for indoor use
100170 Orange - Burnish-Gold 22 ½ carat, special quality for restoration work
100190 Special - Burnish-Gold

22 ¾ carat in light to dark hues, special quality for restoration work

100200 Ducat - Double-Gold 23 carat, standard for high quality indoor gilding
100205 Antique - Gold 23 carat, warm hue with a subtle gloss
100116 Louvre - Gold 23 carat, champagne colour
100118 Red - Gold 23 carat, reddish hue
100210 Pure Ducat - Double-Gold 23 ½ carat, ideal for outdoor gilding
100230 Rosenobel  - Double-Gold 23 ¾ carat, beautiful hue, ideal for outdoor guilding
100250 Fine - Gold 24 carat, unexcelled beauty and durability
100260 Platinum - Gold 24 carat, pure fine gold alloyed with platinum


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