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1. Genuine Gold Leaf 6. Imitation Gold Leaf, Aluminium Leaf
2. Reeled Gold Leaf 7. Size (Mixtion), Clay - Bole (Poliment), Chalk, Glue
3. Powder Gold, Powder Silver 8. Various Gilding Materials
4. Shell Gold, Shell Silver, Painter's Gold, Gold-Silver Varnish 9. Agate Burnishers
5. Silver Leaf

9. Agate Burnishers

Fine matt ground finish, mounted Tooth-shaped, solid beachwood handle

Order Number :  100 + shape number

Agate Burnishers Range
The agates are illustrated in almost actual size. Depending on the given model or drawing, any required shape can be supplied. We can also send you extensive selected ranges.
Bestellnummer : 100 + Nummer der Form
Agate Burnishers
Agate Burnishers
Agate Burnishers
Agate Burnishers
Agates rank among the oldest stones used by Man. They were formed in hot watery solutions, together with fibrous chalcedony and opal. These solutions filled volcanic rock cavities with a fine-layered deposit. The differing porosity of this post-volcanic formation resulted in the numerous motifs of multi-coloured agate pictures. Most of the commercial agate currently traded on the market comes from Brazil were it took some 150 million years to form.
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