Products - Survey

1. Genuine Gold Leaf 6. Imitation Gold Leaf, Aluminium Leaf
2. Reeled Gold Leaf 7. Size (Mixtion), Clay - Bole (Poliment), Chalk, Glue
3. Powder Gold, Powder Silver 8. Various Gilding Materials
4. Shell Gold, Shell Silver, Painter's Gold, Gold-Silver Varnish 9. Agate Burnishers
5. Silver Leaf

5. Silver Leaf

Silver Leaf is about ten times thicker than Gold Leaf. It has to be properly stored under the exclusion of humidity, and only for a limited period since it will oxidize.

Silver Leaf Range
100551 Silver Leaf Hand beaten, soft, 95x95 mm, 250 leaves per book
100552 Silver Leaf Machine beaten, 95x95 mm, 250 leaves per book


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