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1. Genuine Gold Leaf 6. Imitation Gold Leaf, Aluminium Leaf
2. Reeled Gold Leaf 7. Size (Mixtion), Clay - Bole (Poliment), Chalk, Glue
3. Powder Gold, Powder Silver 8. Various Gilding Materials
4. Shell Gold, Shell Silver, Painter's Gold, Gold-Silver Varnish 9. Agate Burnishers
5. Silver Leaf

2. Reeled Gold Leaf

Similar to transfer gold, individual gold leaves are placed with a slight overlap on a continuous length of special paper and then reeled. However, unlike patent leaf which is pressed onto tissue paper, reeled gold leaf adheres to the paper by the reeling process.

Reeled gold leaf is intended for use on flat surfaces with oil or synthetic size. The backing paper stops the gold leaf from entering into ornate crevices or recesses. Reeled gold leaf can be applied by hand or with a gilding wheel (Order No. 100285).

Reeled gold leaf must be properly stored and should be wrapped in plastic to retain the moisture in the paper.

The reel length is about 21 m. The reels are available in widths of between 5 and 95 mm. The price is calculated per mm width.

Reeled Gold Leaf   -   Click to view a larger resolution image Reeled Gold Leaf

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Reeled Gold Leaf Range
100281 Orange - Double-Gold 22 carat
100282 Ducat - Double-Gold 23 carat
100283 Pure Ducat - Double-Gold 23 ½ carat
100284 Rosenobel - Double-Gold 23 ¾ carat
100285 Gilding wheel To roll down the gold leaf


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